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Winter 2015: Policing, Violence and Planning

Winter 2015: Policing, Violence and Planning

Winter 2015: Policing, Violence and Planning

The Seventh Generation


  • The Urbanization of Fear: Notes from Kenya’s War on Terror [Members Only]
    by Zoltán Glück
  • AIA Condones Torture and Killing: Proposal to Enforce Human Rights within AIA Ethics Code Rejected
    by ADPSR
  • Rising Tides, Rising Costs: How will flood insurance impact New York’s working and middle class waterfront communities?
    by Samuel Stein and Caroline Nagy
  • Surging Inequality and the Foreclosure Crisis
    by Gregory D. Squires
  • Fear and violence in the city: The case of Ciudad Juárez
    by Jorge Alberto Avitia
  • Asset Management Companies and the Financialization of Urban Development: Lessons from Ireland and Spain
    by Michael Byrne
  • Bioenergy Villages and Renewable Energy in Germany
    by Stephan Schmidt
  • Bolivia Revolutionizes Urban Mass Transit: From the Streets to the Sky
    by Emily Achtenberg

Book Review

  • Wake Up Locavores! Justice for Food Workers Matters
    by Tom Angotti

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