Fall 2006 Water and Social Justice


  • Resource Rights and Wrongs
    Nikhil Aziz
  • 7th Generation – Israel’s War for Water
    Marie Kennedy
  • Water is Life! Cochabamba, Bolivia against Privatization
    Don Leonard
  • Urban Water Management in Mexico
    David Barkin
  • A Bottom-Up Planning Model for a Safe and Accessible Water Supply in Malawi
    K. Tyler Miller
  • Water Planning for the Future
    Jonathan Leavitt
  • Water, Environmental Justice and Land Use Planning: Richmond, California
    Amy Vanderwarker
  • When the Water Privatizers Go Local, Locals Go Public: Ontario, India and the United States
    Leigh Thomson
  • Heating Up Isn’t Hard to Do: Global Warming from a Planner’s Window
    John Nettleton

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