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Summer 2006


  • America’s “Dietary Divide”
    Peter Zelchenko
  • 7th Generation – Chicago 2006: From City Beautiful to Sustainable?
    Kara Heffernan
  • Why The Midwest Needs Local and Organic Food
    Lynn Peemoeller
  • Touring Sustainable Chicago
    Sarah Morton
  • Where Are Poor People to Live? Transforming Public Housing Communities
    Larry Bennett, Janet L. Smith and Patricia Wright
  • Urban Planning as a High School Theme in Brooklyn, New York 
    Meredith Phillips
  • Planners Network Strategy Session
  • Jane Jacobs, New York Rebel
    Tom Angotti
  • Bottom-Up Planning: Lessons from Latin America’s Third Left
    Marie Kennedy and Chris Tilly

*Note: Issue corrected, download should function normally now. 

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