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Fall 2002 Just and Sustainable Transportation

Special Issue on Transportation

  • The Costs of Auto Dependency 
    By Lisa Schreibman
  • Seventh Generation
    By Tom Angotti
  • Transportation Equity and Environmental Justice 
    By Rich Stolz
  • Toronto Car Culture Is Alive and Well 
    By Janice Etter
  • Toronto Cyclists Fight for Respect
    By Nick Gamble and Nancy Smith Lea
  • Toronto’s Eco Foot Soldiers Take Back the Streets
    By Janice Etter and Rhona Swarbrickfor
  • Transit’s Lost Decade: Rocket Riders to the Rescue
    By Mike Olivier and Gord Perks
  • TEA-21 Reauthorization: The Agenda for Transportation Equity
    By Rich Stolz
  • Increased Public Transportation Will Result in Environmental and Energy Gains
  • College Campuses: Sustainable Transportation Laboratories
    By Carlos Balsas
  • Following Rosa Parks: Montgomery Bus Riders Organize 
    By Eugene J. Patron
  • Ciudad Viva Fights the Costanera Norte
    By Patricio Lanfranco
  • Chicago’s Campaign for Better Transit
    By Patricia Nolan and Jacqueline Leavy
  • Zipcar: Reshaping Our Relationship With The Automobile
    By Mark E. Chase

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