Business Development Leader, Muskoka Community Land Trust, Baysville ON

Muskoka Community Land Trust
2630 Muskoka Road 117 Box 10, Baysville ON P0B 1A0
705-706-3329 • •
Full-time, Contract Position
Who We Are
The Muskoka Community Land Trust (MCLT) is a recently incorporated non-profit
organization whose purpose is to create, preserve and steward permanently affordable
homes and rental units in diverse and mixed-income communities in the District of
Muskoka. We aim to hold and develop land to grow the stock of permanently
affordable homes and rental units. Our aim is to secure and sustain living space for
low-income residents, including those who are marginalized and at risk. We hope to
enrich our communities and continue to build our collective social wealth.
Who We Are Looking For
A Leader who is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors to establish and grow
the Muskoka Community Land Trust. We seek a professional capable of contributing to
and implementing our Strategic Plan, who shares our cultural values, and who has a
passion to be part of a solution to the affordable housing crisis. The emphasis will be
on community education and outreach, networking, establishing partnerships, and
fund-raising through grant proposals, sponsors, patrons, and by building membership
and awareness. Furthering our efforts and seeking out opportunities to develop
affordable housing initiatives are also crucial to the mandate. This is a full-time
position reporting directly to the Board of Directors.
General Responsibilities:
Public Engagement, Outreach and Education
1. Expands the MCLT’s public visibility and image through public presentations to
targeted professional groups, the general public, and interested parties.
2. Develops marketing campaigns with approved press releases, social media
posts, and speaking engagements, and by building a presence at appropriate
public functions.

Muskoka Community Land Trust
2630 Muskoka Road 117 Box 10, Baysville ON P0B 1A0
705-706-3329 • •
3. Establishes and maintains contact with key individuals in the community, partner
organizations, and local businesses to advance MCLT’s public image and
4. Builds and maintains a database of volunteers, members, sponsors, patrons and
1. Responsible for the effective administration of MCLT by maintaining current best
administrative practices and maximizing the use of technology.
2. Works with and provides research and written recommendations to the Board
and sub-committees.
Financial Performance and Viability
1. Responsible for fiscal oversight, operating within the approved budget, and
ensuring maximum resource utilization while maintaining the organization in a
favourable financial position.
2. Provides monthly financial statement reporting to the Board.
3. Works diligently to raise funds for the organization through marketing
campaigns, appeals to appropriate organizations and sponsors, grant proposal
writing and other means.
Strategic Plan and Board Governance
1. Responsible for contributing to and implementing the organization’s Strategic
2. Works with the Board and staff to drive and achieve the Strategic Plan goals,
strategies and designated outcomes.
3. Conduct is in alignment with the Vision, Mission and Values of the MCLT

Muskoka Community Land Trust
2630 Muskoka Road 117 Box 10, Baysville ON P0B 1A0
705-706-3329 • •
4. Responsible for communicating [verbal, written, electronic] effectively with the
Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary
for the Board to make informed decisions.
5. Participates in appropriate Board committee and subcommittee meetings.
6. Assists in the production of the Annual General Meeting and Annual Report.
Overview of Responsibilities
? Reports to and works closely with the Board of Directors and Committees to
seek involvement in policy decisions and increase the organization’s overall
? Collaborates and coordinates business activities.
? Collaborates and coordinates with the President for public and media
communications and marketing.
? Establishes and maintains relationships with various organizations and utilizes
those relationships to enhance MCLT’s Mission strategically.
? Presents updated reports at scheduled Board meetings on a regular basis.
? Reviews and recommends approval of contracts for administrative and other
services, including insurance arrangements.
? Performs such other tasks and duties as may be assigned by the Executive
Committee and/or the Board.
? Attend meetings of the Board but shall have no vote.
The successful applicant will demonstrate all or most of the following:
1. Demonstrated professionalism, transparency, leadership, initiative, and a strong
work ethic.
2. Ability to think and plan strategically to effectively communicate the MCLT
Mission to the overall community.
3. Not-for-profit management experience is highly desirable.
4. Experience and skill in working with a Board of Directors.

Muskoka Community Land Trust
2630 Muskoka Road 117 Box 10, Baysville ON P0B 1A0
705-706-3329 • •
5. Ability to plan and organize regular activities as required by statute, constitution,
and bylaws.
6. Ability to multi-task with an aptitude for time management.
7. Proficient written and oral communication skills, inclusive of public
8. Technological skills using software such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace,
Quicken, and Zoom.
9. Traditional and Online Marketing proficiency
Timeframe: Independent contract services are required for a minimum of 6
months, with the potential to renew on an annual contract.
Compensation range: $62,000-$72,,000 per annum based on skillset and
Office/Expenses: Until such time as the MCLT establishes a local office, the
contract Leader will work from home, providing their own technological and
telecommunications resources, and vehicle when required. Office supplies, travel
and Board-related meeting expenses will be reimbursed subject to
Application Process
To apply for the Business Development Leader position, please forward your resume
and cover letter addressing your qualifications to:
Suzanne Martineau – MCLT Chairperson
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
Interviews will be conducted on an ongoing basis.
The successful applicant will be notified of an offer within 10 days of an interview.

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