Call for submissions for Progressive City: Radical Alternatives magazine – Planning for Just Transport

Call for Submissions – Planning for Just Transport

Transport is fundamental to our existence – including access to key sources of livelihood, ranging from work to healthcare to educational institutions to childcare to stores.  Yet, the right to accessible, safe and affordable transport – as a public good – is continuously denied on the basis of ability, race, gender, sexuality and class.

For this call, we are seeking short submissions (roughly 500 words) for our online magazine,

Progressive City: Radical Alternatives, on initiatives, strategies or actions that aim to secure more just forms of transit, with transit broadly understood in relation to walking, biking, rickshaws, bus, subway and a range of (not-for-profit) ride-share services.

The submissions should be written in an accessible (jargon-free) manner. A few suggested readings may be mentioned in the text (hyper-links to references are encouraged), but please do not submit footnotes. We encourage the submission of a photograph or illustration (with appropriate permissions).

Please note that while we work with authors to help them fit the Progressive City style, format, and themes, we cannot accept all articles that have been submitted.

Deadline to submit: August 15, 2021.  Submissions are accepted via email at; please share the call in your networks.


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