Spring 2013: The American South

Spring 2013, The American SouthSeventh Generation

The American South

  • Progressive Planning in the American South
    by Pierre Clavel and Nichola Lowe
  • Flipping the Script: Toward a Transformative Urban Redevelopment Agenda in Chattanooga, Tennessee
    by Courtney Elizabeth Knapp
  • Community Planning Confronts the Proposed Demolition of Public Housing: A Memphis Tale
    by Laura Saija, David Westendorff, and Antonio Raciti
  • Preserving Emancipation: The Case of St. Helena Island, South Carolina
    by Charles Connerly
  • Civil Rights, Technology and Cultural Tourism: The Emmett Till Historic Intrepid Center Museum in Glendora, Mississippi
    by Joan Marshall Wesley and Daphine G. Foster
  • Innovations in Immigrant Incorporation: High Point, NC
    by Hannah Gill, Meghan Andrew, and Mai Nguyen
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Leveling the Development Playing Field in Atlanta and Birmingham
    by Mike Dobbins
  • Please Inquire Within: Local Hiring in Durham, North Carolina
    by Clara Turner and Nichola Lowe
  • Growing Local/Buying Local: Challenging Pessimism and Social Division through Narratives of Possibility
    by Gabriel Cumming and Dorothy Holland
  • Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban RevolutionReviewed by Eeva Berglund

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