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Fall 2005

Fall 2005 Arts, Culture and Community

FEATURES Artists as Community Developers Ann Markusen 7th Generation Peter Marcuse Public Art and Wild Rice Karl Lorenz Art and the..

October 28, 2005

A Cultural Policy for Montreal : Arts or the Neoliberal Agenda?

By Norma M. Rantisi and M. Jason Blackman The City of Montreal recently drafted its first formal cultural policy. While the policy seeks to..

October 24, 2005

Culture and Community Development: Tough Questions, Creative Answers

By Caron Atlas What are the tough questions that public officials—mayors, planning commissioners and economic development experts—and..

October 24, 2005

Art and the Politics of Public Housing

By Jacqueline Leavitt We believe in a grassroots movement that puts into question the essential relationships on which the system is based...

October 24, 2005

Artists as Community Developers

By Ann Markusen Artists have been under-appreciated as participants in community and neighborhood development in cities around the world...

October 24, 2005
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