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Spring 2003

Spring 2003 War, Cities, and Urban Planning

War and the Urban ‘Geopolitical Footprint’  By Michael Dudley Seventh Generation By Tom Angotti Over 160 US Cities for Peace ..

April 30, 2003

Dividing and Rebuilding Beirut: Lessons from a Contested City

By Katja Simons Will the US-led invasion of Iraq make Baghdad into another Beirut? How will the battle to reconstruct Iraq develop? Despite..

April 22, 2003

Over 160 US Cities for Peace

By Eugene J. Patron More than 160 city and county councils in the US have passed resolutions opposing a preemptive or unilateral war in..

April 22, 2003

War and the Urban “Geopolitical Footprint”

By Michael Dudley Mushroom clouds blossoming over dense cityscapes. Thousands of gun emplacements throughout Baghdad promising fierce..

April 22, 2003
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