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Summer 2002

Summer 2002 Conference/Education Issue

Special Issue on 2002 PN Conference Bridging Divides, Building Futures: A Puerto Rican Perspective  By Agustin Lao-montes Seventh..

July 30, 2002

Diversity and the Planning Profession

By Leonardo Vazquez, PP/AICP A friend of mine, a terrific planner in the private sector, gets called in on jobs from public sector clients..

July 22, 2002

Planning Education: How Could It Be Different from Business School?

By Katharine N. Rankin I welcomed the invitation to join this dialogue on planning education because I have had my own experiences of being..

July 22, 2002

Cracks in the Foundation of Traditional Planning

By Barbara Rahder Who is a “real” planner? What makes one person a “real” planner and another person not a..

July 22, 2002

Would the “Real” Planners Please Stand Up?: Four Views on Naming, Framing and Identity in Planning Education

By Gerda R. Wekerle The idea for this dialogue was formed at the ACSP luncheon last year in Atlanta. Two colleagues, one senior-level and..

July 22, 2002

Bridging Divides, Building Futures: Conference Planning as Cross-Cultural Dialogue

By Kiara L. Nagel It’s late Saturday night and the conference is winding down, the planners are exhausted from a long day of..

July 22, 2002

Bridging Divides, Building Futures: A Puerto Rican Perspective (granito de arena)

From a talk delivered by Agustin Lao-Montes, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, on Saturday June..

July 22, 2002
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