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Spring 2002

Spring 2002: New Urbanism

Table of Contents The Narrow Base of the New Urbanists  By Michael Pyatok Seventh Generation By Richard Milgrom Placemaking as a Critique..

April 30, 2002

HOPE VI and the New Urbanism: Eliminating Low-Income Housing to Make Mixed-Income Communities

By Janet L. Smith   Chicago’s public housing is testimony to a long history of struggle between poor people and politicians. The..

April 19, 2002

New Urban Planning for Neighborhood Revitalization

By Jennifer Hurley I became interested in planning because I wanted to fight poverty, and I saw that poverty and the physical environment..

April 19, 2002

From “Sugar Cookies” to “Gingerbread Men”: Conformity in Suburban Design

By Jill Grant New urbanist-inspired approaches to suburban development are common in contemporary Canada. Suburbs influenced by new..

April 19, 2002

The Narrow Base of the New Urbanists

By Michael Pyatok New urbanism has been aggressively marketed within the last decade by “boomers” who came of age..

April 19, 2002
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