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May/June 1998

May/June 1998 Sustainability: Who Benefits?

Column The Seventh Generation by Richard Milgrom Feature It’s Not Easy Being Green: Feminist Thoughts on Planning for Sustainability..

May 30, 1998


by Richard Platkin North American cities pay dearly for U.S. military policy in the Middle East. According to the July 1997 issue of..

May 6, 1998

Sustainable and Environmentally Just Societies

by Sandra Rodriguez Communities of color have much to contribute to sustainability because of their front-line experiences in struggles..

May 6, 1998


by Jon Orcutt The First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit. October 24-27, 1991. Washington D.C. PREAMBLE WE, THE..

May 6, 1998

Sustaining Diversity Participatory Design and Urban Space

by Richard Milgrom “Sustaining diversity” can be interpreted in two different ways. First, there is a need to sustain the human..

May 6, 1998

Sustainability is Not Enough

“Sustainability” as a goal for planning just doesn’t work. In the first place, sustainability is not a goal; it is a..

May 6, 1998

It’s Not Easy Being Green Feminist Thoughts on Planning for Sustainability

by Sherilyn MacGregor Recent interest in “sustainability” has overshadowed issues of social justice in planning. There is an..

May 6, 1998

Sustainability: Who Benefits?

by Richard Milgrom The term “sustainability” has become problematic. Some now argue that it is so overused as to be useless,..

May 6, 1998
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