Economic Development Planner, Pueblo of Laguna, New Mexico

Position Title: Economic Development Planner
Employer’s Name: Pueblo of Laguna
Job Location (City, State):  Laguna, NM
Job description: The Economic Development Planner coordinates the development of economic development studies and plans; contributes to the development and update of capital improvement, comprehensive, topic-specific, and site plans for the Pueblo of Laguna; supports the development and administration of planning contracts; compiles data relevant to planning; implements studies and public involvement processes necessary for planning; and supports Pueblo departments in program planning.  A Master’s Degree in community, urban, or regional planning or a related field is required. Three years of experience in economic development or administration of planning contracts is required. Experience working for a tribal government preferred.  Note: please check the weblink for more information and the closing date.

Weblink for further information:

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