Magazine & Publications

Today, the key publication of Planners Network is the new online Magazine, Progressive City: Radical Alternatives.

Up until Spring 2016, the main publication of Planners Network was the Progressive Planning magazine, published quarterly.

This section focuses on regular publications of Planners Network. A number of one-off working papers and case studies are available in our Case Studies section.

PN began publishing a newsletter for its members in 1975. Eventually, the newsletter grew to include articles about a broad range of issues of concern to progressive planners. Beginning with the Winter 2002 issue, PN started publishing a 48-page quarterly magazine instead of the bi-monthly newsletter. In 2003 the magazine was renamed Progressive Planning: The Magazine of Planners Network. We also launched an E-Newsletter to update members on more time-sensitive information. And in Fall 2016, we replaced Progressive Planning with the online magazine, Progressive City: Radical Alternatives, to reach a broader audience.

The online Magazine seeks to be an important means for networking among members, a source of innovative ideas, and forum for controversial policy questions neglected in mainstream planning circles. The Magazine is still a work in progress. We have an all-volunteer Editorial Board and a few paid assistants, but shortly will need a greater paid staff to handle the growing responsibilities.

To get access to all the articles of Progressive City and the back issues of Progressive Planning (2003-2016), you can become a member. See the Membership page for more details.