Call for Submissions for Free City magazine, on the theme of “Revive”

The students of the McGill School of Urban Planning publish an online magazine called Free City.  Check out the call for submissions for the upcoming issue, on the theme of “Revive”. Deadline January 24th!

The theme of the fifth issue of Free City is revive. The magazine is returning from a two-year hiatus, and we are looking for written and visual work which represents a return to life or consciousness. The theme of Revive could be explored along the lines of reemergence from isolation, revitalization in urban planning, or readaption in the face of climate change. We are seeking to explore the theme of Revive from as many perspectives and angles as possible, so take this theme as a source of inspiration rather than a constraint.

Please send us your submissions by January 24th, 2022. We look for written and visual work from people from all backgrounds, in any language, and from any field.

Written work should be submitted in .docx or PDF format. Visual content should be submitted in high quality JPEG format, or as a PNG. Email all contributions to Please include your name in the email subject line. Label your file(s) as LASTNAME_freecity.



Facebook (very much so a work in progress):



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