PN sponsored session at Assoc. of American Geographers Meeting

If you are attending the Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago (, April 21 to April 25, check out the following panel session that includes Planners Network members, organized by PN Steering Committee member Alex Schafran:

Panel Session:

1636 CITY Debates: Is Radical Reinvestment Possible?

is scheduled on Tuesday, 4/21/2015, from 4:40 PM – 6:20 PM in Water Tower, Hyatt Hotel, West Tower, Bronze Level

Alex Schafran

Alex Schafran

Libby Porter
Kate Shaw – University of Melbourne
Michael Janoschka – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Alex Schafran

Session Description: The inflow of high-profit seeking capital has become such a problem in urban spaces that finding progressive means of reinvestment is a challenge. The use of the urban as a profit-making machine has rendered part of the left skeptical of the very process of urban development. Others would simply argue that the urban is secondary, a victim of forces outside its control. Still others argue that in a post-urban revolution world, there is no possibility for radicality without the urban, and that a solution to this problem is the only solution. Join us in a debate and a discussion about the possibility for radical redevelopment, sponsored by CITY Debates and members of Planners Network, INURA and Contested Cities.

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